• Concept
  • Creative Direction

Global Expansion

Airbnb embarked on a worldwide marketing campaign, and I was graciously invited to spearhead this creative expansion. Alongside a select group of partners and a lean team, what began as a mere prototype and business model experiment evolved into a thriving unit that not only heightened awareness within specific locales but also left a global footprint.

Tv Commercial


Tv Commercial




Real Photos from Real Listings, turned into cinematic short films by creativity

Picture this: the majority of our advertisements came to life utilizing everyday photos plucked right from an Airbnb listing. We embarked on an exhilarating creative journey, transforming these unassuming snapshots into compelling ad content. We breathed new life and purpose into these visuals. Armed with the wizardry of VFX, 3D and 2D wizardry, and a sprinkle of sound design magic, we wove these mundane images into beautifully crafted cinematic gems.

This unique approach transformed a seemingly ordinary commercial platform (Airbnb) into a wellspring of inspiration.