• Concept
  • Creative Direction

Not just a laptop but a fashion statement paving the new future of the notebooks.

On the 10th of April, 2015 Apple released the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever, introducing a third product family called just MacBook (not Pro nor Air). Considered not just a laptop but also a fashion statement the result is more than just a new notebook, it’s the future of the notebook. I was brought into this project to lead the Media Arts Lab\’s team with the talented Jesse Gazzuolo (GCD) as my partner and the also talented team Danny and Greg on board as well.



The importance of this product and its impact in the industry set the pace for this project to be a very collaborative and extensive project. Naming exercises, product photography, OOH, digital banners, keynote video and TV spots among other assignments, were part of this beautiful project. Apple\’s Marketing Team was also on board creating and collaborating with us so we could all come up and vetted only the best of creatives for it. After numerous meetings in Cupertino with the Engineers involved, and also with AMT, we came up with a simply beautiful campaign showing through visuals what you could only feel by touching, the lightness of this product.

Launch video

TV spot

beyond tv

From Tv, to digital, to OOH and other assets, this campaign that to highlight one thing, that the new macbook was the thinnest and lightest computer ever created.


Thinnest banner for the lightest notebook

As users scroll the page, what was the typical divider line became the banner. This simple execution surprised the users proving that the new macbook can be as thin as a divider line.