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The computer that changed everything.

On the 24th of January Apple released the below video and tribute-site for the Mac in commemoration of its 30th birthday! Dubbed as “The computer that changed everything“, we can’t believe that it’s been 30 years of innovation.



The video and website tribute is an awesome trip down memory lane, and just shows what an amazing journey the Mac had up to now. Apple also makes special mention of all the designers that played a role in giving us the various versions of Mac over the last 3 decades.

Launch video

TV spot

beyond tv

The immersive website lets you explore the memory lane of 30 years of innovation with testimonies from the top creative minds of this era and how they used Mac to be pioneers in their industries.


A website awarded by the highest award shows

Users were able to navigate through a historical 30 years of innovation with beautiful custom made videos and imageries. Every year was represented by an iconic creative pioneer of that year that used mac as he, or she, main tool for work. Navigating through 30 years of history can be tedious but with a friendly user interface and intriguing content the users could bounce back and forth to any year learning the most interesting facts.