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Progress is something we make

In sum, the Meta Quest Pro’s arrival symbolizes the realization of Meta’s commitment to a future rooted in collaboration, casting a spotlight on the boundless horizons that this innovative headset has the potential to unlock. It extends a heartfelt invitation to the global community of Makers, encouraging them to embrace the novel possibilities presented by the Quest Pro and forge ahead in the spirit of progress.

Meta, once synonymous with gaming and leisure, now seeks to reshape that image with the Quest Pro. This innovative VR headset promises a versatile experience that extends far beyond the realm of games. Its full-color mixed reality features promise a new world of possibilities for professionals across diverse fields, enhancing efficiency, creativity, and collaboration.

To convey the Quest Pro’s potential, Meta turned to real individuals whose experiences epitomize the device’s adaptability. Makers, creatives, and professionals from a spectrum of disciplines, such as musician Hayley Kiyoko, architect Karen Braitmayer, comedy writers Marinna Benzon and Hollie Meyer, shoe designer Joey Khamis, VR artist Gabe Gault, and Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux, all showcase their craft’s evolution through various applications. The Quest Pro emerges as a tool that can truly elevate one’s work, foster creativity, and foster partnerships, making it a game-changer for professionals of all stripes.

“An anthem film of shared effort and collaboration brought to life through a dazzling circular visual ride around different workspaces…”

Tv Commercial

Anthem Spot

Maker (musician) // Hayley Kiyoko

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New Beat

Maker (shoe designer) // Joey Khamis

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New Sketch

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Meta Quest Pro
Brand Book

A thing of beauty, a thing of power, a thing of possibility. We created an entire Brand Book to highlight the product in the way it deserves, with unmatched visuals – as meticulously crafted and considered as the product itself. This beautiful design work was brought to life by incredible creatives such Richard Harrington and Huy Tran.


Global Retail Assets highlighting Makers not Gamers

Keeping the humanistic approach, we got to highlight deep cut artists that are making big leaps using selected apps.