I try to constantly creatively challenge myself. Experimenting, creating without a brief, without a client review and without the use of Data to inform my art. It can be fun, deliberating, challenging, stressful, rewarding…. it can start and see a quick end, it can drag forever, it can never really see the end and stay unfinished. It can be purely art, purely innovation, purely cultural, but beyond all of these things, it has to be very me.

I have phases when storytelling comes only by using visuals. Directing a video production, a music video, a short film, illustrating an idea, creating a new UI, designing furniture, etc… Sometimes this can be manifested by only writing small poems, thoughts, scripts, music.
You will see here a sample of all of this creative madness that I call life.

pure madness

Concept, Writing, Directing
Concept, Writing, Directing.
"The She Breaks music video was birthed as a result of the passionate desire of several artists to shed a blaring spotlight on the evil that exists in human trafficking." - Vienne
Concept, Directing.
Concept, Directing.
Concept, Directing.