As they say: “photography is the art of capturing light and form”. The more you understand light, more fun you have taking photos. I started taking photos when I was a young little guy back in Brazil. Since then, I tried many photography styles and directions but I gotta be honest, lifestyle, traveling, documentary photography and capturing candid moments are the ones that I usually have a heart for. From fashion catalogs, sport brands lookbooks, concerts, weddings to my personal travels, I usually try to challenge myself to experiment new ways to capture light. Sometimes I use new cameras, new films, new inexpensive tools but sometimes I buy some old expired film rolls, old cameras, pinhole cameras so I can try to learn to capture the moment with what I have in my hands.

One day I stopped and realized that sometimes the commissioned work was not as fun as I wanted to be. That day I decided to keep photography but also keep the fun. Bellow you will find a good mix of some of my commissioned work but also some of my personal stories. I believe every photo should intrigue people to search for its story, so go ahead, look the pictures but also be entertained by every picture’s story.

just the fun