• Concept
  • Creative Direction

A new approach to safety marketing that stands out.

It’s 2017. “Smart” safety features on cars are nothing new. Neither, unfortunately, are the ads selling them. In fact, most automakers take one of two approaches: focus on humdrum explanations of the safety technology, or play on consumers’ fear of accidents.
We created a print and outdoor campaign for the 2017 Prius, however, that humanizes the safety features by cleverly using headlines to visually depict how the technologies benefit drivers and other people on the road.



The relatable messaging and unusual type treatment bring character to otherwise dry safety features. At the same time, the clean, modern layout communicates the features’ sophistication in a quick, appealing way.

safety for a fragile world

In this concept, we created a world entirely made of playing cards. The idea of fragility that we created showing that every card is interconnected translate to the viewers as if one card falls, everything else falls. Meaning that in this life, one touch is all that you need to see your world falling apart, that’s why you need a car with the top safety features coming standard.