Turkish Airlines
  • Concept
  • Creative Direction

Youtube crowned it the Ad of the decade.

Our goal was to increase Turkish Airlines’ brand awareness around the world, reach a new target audience: spirited, adventurous people with wanderlust, and test the campaign’s effectiveness by measuring brand recall for Turkish Airlines’ ads. I was asked by Crispin Porter Bogusky LA to be part of the pitch team and lead them in conjunction with Hoj (CD) and Sue (ECD) . The client was blown away with the creative and signed the deal of a global spend of around $100 million (£63 million) for 5 years allowing us to create this fun, and successful, campaign.



I couldn’t imagine how helpful my traveling experiences would be on a campaign. After seen bunch of my latest traveling pictures, Hoj and I, noticed a common thread on them. Usually travelers take \”selfie\” like pictures because there is no one around to take pictures of them. BOOM, the idea and tone was born and became the Heart of this campaign. I was also responsible to create the Lock Up, Prints, Billboards, and overall art direction + photography direction. Happily we crafted a viral playful marketing campaign around one of 2013\’s most searched words: \”Selfie\” which also captures the spirit of a True traveler aligning with the Turkish Airlines mission.

Launch video

TV spot

beyond tv

From Tv, to digital, to OOH and other assets, we created a full 360 campaign keeping the spirit and the travelers wanderlust.